Writing the Perfect Wedding Speech

Writing the Perfect Wedding SpeechFor many people, the day they get married is one of the most memorable days of their entire lives. There are a lot of different elements that people really enjoy taking time over, including choosing their clothes, picking out the cake and also the ceremony itself. However, some people find that they are completely lost for words when it comes to making a speech. Here are a few tips on creating bride and groom speeches and examples of what to include.

Although it may sound obvious, one of the best pieces of advice is to keep the speech short, but sweet. People often tend to ramble on a little when they are nervous. However, the best speeches last for just two or three minutes. It is a good idea to make notes, as these can be referred to if you lose track of what you are saying.

While there are no rules, the bride traditionally makes her speech first. It is common for her to start by taking about how she and her new husband first met. She may then go on to talk about why she loves him. Perhaps she has a sentimental story to tell about what first attracted her to him, or why he is the perfect person for her.

The groom’s speech sometimes opens up with a joke, but this should not be made at the expense of his new wife. Again, he will want to talk about the love he has for his partner, perhaps pointing out her strengths and most endearing features.

The champagne may be flowing at the reception, but it is a good idea to try to keep a clear head before speaking. Making jokes about people is fine, but avoid saying anything that may hurt their feelings. The event will probably be captured on film by at least one person, and a slip of the tongue could last a lifetime.