What Makes the Lion King so Popular

Anyone who loves the popular film The Lion King is sure to want to catch this show at the theater. True to the original movie, the theater version is also a musical that has proven to be very popular with people of all ages. This makes watching a performance of The Lion King at the Theater the perfect treat that families can enjoy together and this makes for a very memorable day out.

the Lion KingIt has been nearly two decades since The Lion King was first staged in New York back in 1997. This is actually one of the most successful musicals ever to have hit Broadway and the musical has won dozens of awards over the years for various different reasons. One of the things that made the musical an instant hit was the fact that all of the main characters feature in it and they are instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever watched the movie.

Of course, there is always some adaptations that need to be made when transferring a movie and in particular a cartoon, to the stage. However, the characters and themes in The Lion King are so vibrant that it almost seems as though the story were made for the stage.

By now, most people are sure to be very familiar with the story of the young lion Simba and his battle to take on the responsibility of becoming king and push his evil uncle off the throne. The story also boasts a number of universal themes that people of all ages can relate to that helps to make this a hit that spans for generations.

All of the hit songs and dance numbers from the movie have been recreated for the stage and anyone who goes to see the musical on Broadway or in the West End of London is sure to agree that this is a real feel good experience.