Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Originally created by English writer Lewis Carroll, the story of Alice in Wonderland has been entertaining people of all ages for several generations. Prolific director Tim Burton introduced a fresh take on this classic story in 2010 when he released a new movie, which became an instant hit. Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland novelties are collectable and come in many different styles.

The latest interpretation of the story from Tim Burton captures the essence of the original take with a new twist. Although this version uses all of the original characters, it takes place in a different time than the Lewis Carroll story. In this version Alice is grown up and is expected to get married.

Alice in WonderlandAs the main character enters a new phase of her life, she is called back to Wonderland once more. However, fans of the original will find all of their favorite characters here. They have been recreated using both live action and computer animation, making them look extremely vibrant.

Here, the role of the Mad Hatter has been enhanced. He has been given red hair and distinctive make up. The role is played by Johnny Depp, who has managed to give the Mad Hatter new depth while capturing all of the original traits.

Helena Bonham Carter also shines in this movie in her role as the Red Queen. Although the Red Queen has an extremely domineering character, Helena Bonham Carter has managed to make her sympathetic to some extent. The design of the Red Queen is particularly striking as she has a tiny body and large head.

The stunningly beautiful Anne Hathaway has been well cast in the role of the compassionate White Queen. She has long golden hair and flowing garments to show her purity. Computer animation has also been used to create creatures such as the Dormouse, the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit, which have also been created as novelties for fans to collect.