Most popular Spanish films of all times

Spanish movie productions might not be as big as Hollywood, but it is still a market to be considered and something the Spanish are very proud of. Many movies, like Pan’s Labyrinth, have made it to big international cinemas or, like Abre Los Ojos/Vanilla Sky, have had big Hollywood remakes. Spanish movies are known for having their own surrealistic style, an atypical sense of humor and when appropriate a considerable amount of sex. To support local movie productions and cinema screenings, the Spanish government supplies funding through national tv stations.

Top 5 best Spanish movies

5. Todo Sobre Mi Madre: A movie about a mother looking for her estranged transvestite husband to inform him about the death of their son. 4. La Piel Que Habito: A movie about an obsessed plastic surgeon. 3. Mar Adentro: About a man who becomes paralysed from the neck down after a dive gone wrong, and is struggling for his right to end his life. Based on a true story. 2. Jámon Jámon: A short comedy about love and betrayal, that made Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem famous. 1.El laberinto del fauno: About a little girl trying to escape the harsh reality by diving into a fantasy world.

Spanish actors and directors

Watching Spanish movies is a great way of learning how to speak Spanish because Spanish movies themselves are internationally known, Spain has also produced quite a few internationally recognized and praised actors and directors. Staring in a lot of big Hollywood shutterstock_47367424productions, Penelope Cruz is a natural Spanish beauty. Javier Bardem, often confused for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is another highly successful Spanish actor. And of course, everyone is familiar with Antonio Banderas. Pedro Almodóvar ( The Skin I Live In) and Alejandro Amenábar (Vanilla Sky) can count themselves within the group of world famous directors. But the most famous of all directors is, of course, the father of surrealism – Luis Buñuel.