Following Your Passion by Studying English Literature

Studying English LiteratureIn recent years, English Language and Literature courses have become extremely popular and are offered as undergraduate programs by most universities. Here are some of the ways that this type of degree can be utilized after graduating.

Critical Thinking

This kind of degree teaches the practice of critical thinking, which is an essential skill for all kinds of people. Those who clearly demonstrate that they can think for themselves and solve problems unaided are sure to make very valuable employees that companies will search for.

Communication Skills

English is the most commonly used language for business communication worldwide. People who have this degree are valued by the majority of companies who conduct business in English.

Research Skills

This type of degree teaches students research skills. In order to plan out and write strong essays students are often required to research various different topics and site the sources that they used to get their information. Lots of kinds of companies value staff members who have strong research skills.

TEFL Teaching

People who have an interest in teaching English to foreign students will find that having a degree in English language and literature is a real bonus. The great thing about this job is that it can be done all over the world in countries where spoken and written English is seen as an important tool for students.

Freelance Writing Jobs

People who decide that they prefer to work alone will find that there are lots of freelance writing jobs available for them to try. This type of job is ideal for travelers, as they will be able to continue working when they are on the road. All that is really needed is a laptop and an internet connection and it is possible to work from virtually anywhere whenever you need to get a little extra cash.