Discover the Excitement of Action Adventure Novels

Usually featuring an epic journey and the struggle to complete difficult Action Adventure Novelstasks, action adventure novels are an exciting form of escapism. People who like to read this type of fiction can be transported to a new world full of vivid characters. The great thing about this type of literature is that although the challenges may be great, the lead characters usually win in the end.

This is perhaps one of the broadest genres in the whole of literature. A large number of different types of tales can be covered by action and adventure. The genre can also be combined with other genres such as fantasy horror and even science fiction.

Perhaps the most famous modern examples of this theme is the Harry Potter series. The series of books tells the tale of a young boy who discovers his identity as a wizard. To fulfill his destiny, Harry Potter must discover his archenemy and discover a way to defeat him.

Many other famous stories in this genre also feature an archenemy. Another famous example is the epic tale The Lord of the Rings. This story, which is often referred to as fantasy genre, relates how characters from several different races have to join together to fight a common enemy and save the world.

Ian Fleming created a series of successful novels where his hero James Bond had to use his skill and charm to undermine various terrorists. However, in some tales the enemy may be unknown. This is often the case in the tales of writers such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

People who are interested in action adventure novels usually have a strong sense of imagination. The great thing about this genre is that it is rich and varied. From macho soldier stories to tales of witches and wizards, a wide range of themes are covered by action and adventure novels.