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Telling stories is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world and it is practiced by different cultures all over the world. Stories were originally passed down from generation to generation orally, before many years later the first stories were written down so that they could be shared by people of other countries and cultures.

With the invention of television and movies the way in which we tell and receive stories has changed dramatically. Many people these days prefer being shown a story rather than simply reading it in a book. However, books remain an important way of relaying information and therefore several of the pages on this site are dedicated to popular books and book genres.

Many of the most famous books in the world have been made into movies that express the stories in a whole new way. Movies have brought these popular stories to new generations of people who can appreciate the stories in a new way and actually watch the action unfold before their eyes. No matter which type of storytelling you prefer, you are sure to find lots of interesting information right here on this site.