A Long Way Down Hits Movie Theaters

Long Way DownBritish writer Nick Hornby is famous for creating stories that focus on the underdog such as the shy child in About a Boy and the depressed and struggling record shop owner in High Fidelity. Hornby always chooses to stick to subjects that he is passionate about and therefore his characters and themes seem to leap off the page and captivate readers with their strength.

As a result, most of Nick Hornby’s novels have been adapted into movies over the last couple of decades and they have managed to capture the hearts of new fans all over the world. It is now the turn of A Long Way Down to hit the big screen and fans of Hornby’s work can expect the same faithful treatment of the story that they may well have come to expect from past experiences.

For those who don’t already know, the theme of a Long Way Down is a bit different from the author’s usual themes. A group of misfits all plan to kill themselves one New Year’s Eve by jumping from the top of a tall building. However, they all end up in the same place at the same time purely by chance and make a pact to try and help each other work through their problems instead. The characters are so different that this often leads to hilarious effects and Hornby uses his familiar sense of humor to help lift readers through the dark themes.

The movie stars Toni Coletti along with a cast of other famous figures and is already being hailed as the next blockbuster. Anyone who has a love for dark humor mixed with hope and some very funny real life moments will want to make sure that they check out the movie as soon as possible and also get their hands on the book.